Category 2019 SARFC Fee National, Provincial &Sub-Union Fees Total Cost*
Senior Player $287.50 $162.50 $450.00
Student Player $237.50 $162.50 $400.00
Junior Player - U19 $140.00 $165.50 $305.50
Junior Player - U17 $140.00 $159.50 $299.50
Junior Player - U13 & U15 $120.00 $129.00 $249.00
Minor Player - U11 $120.00 $94.00 $214.00
Minor Player - U7 & U9 $115.00 $84.00 $199.00
Minor Player - U5 $95.00 $39.00 $134.00
Temporary Player $20.00 $60.00 $80.00
Masters Player $10.00 $90.00 $100.00
Full Non-Playing Voting Member $120.00 N/A $120.00
Social Member $60.00 N/A $60.00
Life Member $1500.00
(or installments)
(If playing)
(If playing)

A player’s age group is determined based on their age before January 1, 2019.

The first year of a life membership is a $500 deposit and $200 installments are due annually until paid in full. Life member applications are only available at the clubhouse bar. Life members playing rugby must pay applicable insurance and union dues for the season as well.

Online Registration

No more paper forms to complete! All rugby players must be registered online and payment received via credit card. This has been mandated by Rugby Canada and Rugby Alberta.

*Minor processing fees for online registration vendor not included.

Social, full non-playing and life memberships can be bought at the clubhouse bar.

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(video) How to register a JUNIOR player and social membership
(video) How to register a SENIOR player membership
(video) How to view/manage your membership
Click HERE to view/manage your membership

Registered rugby program participants are part of Rugby Canada's National Insurance Program. If you are injured in a sanctioned rugby event, you may be eligible for supplementary medical benefits. For more information on insurance, paperwork and immediate steps to take when injured, please reference: --> MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION --> INSURANCE


On April 7, 2018 Rugby Canada increased their fees for all registrations. The increase is $20 per player age 12 and up and $5 extra for 11 and under. Read Rugby Canada's rationale for the fee increase!

SARFC's portion of fees have not changed.



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