Everyone extends a big thank you to Glen Freeman of Amused Images for capturing so many memories of our season.

Glen Freeman of Amused Images

The Board of Directors works hard to ensure that our facilities and programs live up to your expectations. For the 2017-18 season, you are represented by the following group:

President: Simon Hill (
Vice President: Robin Weary (
Treasurer: Craig Kerswell (
Secretary: Malcolm Connell (
Grounds: Mike Barry (
House Director: Roxanne Richardson (
Membership Director: Clayton Tiedemann (
Senior Rugby Director: Matt Jarvis (
Junior Rugby Director: VACANT
Women's Club Captain: Michelle Marler (
Men's Club Captain: Duncan Maguire (
Social Director: Katie Smith (

St. Albert Rugby Football Club By-laws

Doug and Gareth
Former House & Grounds Director Doug Krempien and Past President Gareth Jones.



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